Research for effective animal health solutions

Analysis for healthy feed

OlusPlus offers a range of laboratory services to provide customised advice about the right feeds for optimal animal health performance. We support you with valuable analyses, as explained below.

Standardised products

With GC-MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry), we are able to identify the active ingredients in samples of raw materials, semi-finished products and end products. Knowing the active ingredients, we can supply standardised products.

Further, we can analyse and monitor the active substances in the final products to guarantee our valuable ingredients are indeed present in the feed, thus promoting healthy and profitable animals.

Eimeria analysis

Several strains of the Eimeria cause problems in animals. Using the McMaster method, we can differentiate the different Eimeria species in manure to ensure an Eimeria-specific approach.

Bacterial analysis

Bacterial overgrowth is a particular problem in young animals, where the intestinal flora is not yet mature. In our laboratory, we can process, dilute and incubate faecal samples to analyse trends in bacterial growth, thus ensuring a tailored approach, and customised on-farm support.