Health support for all your calves

Calf health

is core business for OlusPlus. Collaborating with researchers and farmers, we know that the health status of animals is crucial and has a strong influence on the farm’s financial results. Therefore, OlusPlus believes that intestinal health should always be supported for the best animal performance, to reduce the need for antibiotics and to achieve a good return on investment.

The ruminant feed additive portfolio

consists of mixtures of plant and herbal extracts and essential oils that add value to integrators, feed mills and farmers by using single products on top to support animal health. Next to our products we always offer laboratory services and management advice to optimise the animal health and growth performance of your animals leading to an increased return on investment.

Feed product

Improves health performance during start-up or stress periods:

Main benefits

  • Stabilizes feed intake and improves nutrient absorption
  • Stimulates mucus production to protect the gut
  • Increases production numbers
  • Optimal health conditions to overcome production stressors

Feed & Water product

Providing a functional effect toward stabilizing efficiency. ElanPlus Calf increases enzymatic activity to improve digestion and nutrient absorption, thus maximizing animal performance.

Main benefits

  • Supporting cellular metabolism
  • Boosts immunity
  • Stimulates a well-balanced and diverse microbiota.

Recommend in combination with our coated butyric acid. For more growth and efficiency.

Health product

Soluqox® Calf stimulates a well-balanced and diverse microbiota. It also optimises the intestinal functions by stimulating villi growth and improving mucus production, resulting in a larger intestinal villi surface area and better nutrient absorption. This on-farm product is for direct use. Read more…

Main benefits

  • Stimulates a well-balanced and diverse microbiota
  • Improves nutrient absorption

Labaratory services

  • Standardised products
  • Analysis of active plant extracts in final products
  • Bacterial analysis for group-specific approach
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Management advice

  • Fine-tune total health, nutrition and management approach
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