About OlusOne®

OlusOne® is a phytogenic product (ElanPlus®), combined with tributyrin and glycerides of MCFA, to fully utilize the synergy between these components in poultry production. The physiological effects of each ingredient is briefly described. ElanPlus® is a phytogenic mainly based on encapsulated essential oils; butyric acid is added as tributyrin and the MCFA used are a combination of the glycerides C8, C10 and C12 (cause it’s not pH sensitive). They support the bird’s resilience against intestinal disorders indirectly, by:

  1. Stimulating the differentiation of the enterocytes
  2. Stimulate the gut barrier function
  3. Strengthen of the immunocompetence
  4. Reducing the activity of potential pathogens like Clostridium perfringens (Cpf)

Effects (1 to 3): reduce enterocyte penetration of the sporozoites and merozoites, and/or stimulates the rate of intestinal repair after, while effect 4: reduces the severity of secondary bacterial intestinal infections (like necrotic enteritis) that are responsible for the strong inflammatory response following a coccidiosis infection. This inflammatory response generally has a large adverse impact on broiler performance. Based on these effects, OlusOne® support the effect of anticoccidial drugs (in case of anticoccidial drug resistance) and support the efficacy on coccidiosis vaccination when used. It also reduces the impact of an increased bacterial pressure.

Main benefits:

  • Total solution, with synergetic function between organic acids and phytogenics
  • Maximum effectiveness on gut health
  • Increased villi health, resulting in improved nutrient absorption
  • More stable production
  • Cost price interesting (1 product instead of 3 or more different onces)

*For optimal performance it is advised to use OlusOne® in combination with coccidiosis vaccination or coccidiostats.


The triple effect of OlusOne®

Results from the OlusPlus research farm

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