About ElanPlus®Bytus

ElanPlus® Bytus is a combination of ElanPlus® together with coated calcium butyrate (ElanPlus® CB65) or coated tributyrin (ElanPlus® TB50). The essential oils in the ElanPlus® will support digestibility of the nutrients, improve anti-microbial effects (cause it’s not pH sensitive) and there is a clear synergetic function with the butyrate. This makes the butyrate more effective and can be used in lower concentration to get the same effectiveness.

Dysbacteriosis is one of the main reasons of bacterial overgrowth, mostly coming from clostridium spp. The overgrowth of clostridium is mostly coming from; intestinal damage, immune suppression or change in gut integrity. By using an combination of butyrate and ElanPlus® there is more effects to avoid dysbacteriosis, the butyrate improves villi growth (nutrient absorption) and keep the tight junctions strong while the ElanPlus® is improving secretion of digestive juices and works on the quorum sensing effects.

Two kinds of ElanPlus®Bytus:

  • ElanPlus® CB65 is a combination of ElanPlus® together with 65% coated calcium butyrate.
  • ElanPlus® TB50 is a combination of ElanPlus® together with 50% coated tributyrin.


Main Benefits
  • Improved absorption of nutrients due increased villi health
  • Reduction wet litter problems
  • More stable and predictable production
  • Synergetic function between essential oils and butyrate
  • Reduced smell of butyrate (covered by essential oils)
  • Improved technical performance

Results from the OlusPlus research farm