About ElanPlus®

ElanPlus® is a phytogenic mixture, based on coated oils from garlic, oregano, anise, cinnamon and lemon, that stimulate nutrient digestion and growth rates. Its effect on nutrient digestibility is not only related to higher secretion of pancreatic enzymes, but also to increased brush border enzyme activity, related to better enterocyte differentiation. The combination with lemon oil further stimulates intestinal enzyme production.

ElanPlus® can be supplemented alone or in combination with butyric acid to improve the bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effects of both products and to stimulate gut integrity and enterocyte differentiation under high challenge conditions.

ElanPlus® provides more efficient poultry production.

Main benefits

  • Improves nutrient digestion
  • Stimulates performance
  • Improves litter quality
  • Boosts immunity
  • Stimulates gut integrity
  • Higher financial result, due improved technical performance


Recommend in combination with our coated butyric acid or tributyrin. For more growth and efficiency and an improved balance of the microbiota in the intestinal tract of young birds.

Results from the OlusPlus research farm


Combinations available

Coated free butyric acids or glycerides from butyric acid: Read more…

Main benefits

  • Special energy source for the enterocytes
  • Reduce damage by oxidative stress
  • Increased microbial effects
  • Increased digestibility of nutrients and improves performance
  •  Better litter quality