About OlusPlus

nature for animal health

We care for healthy animals

OlusPlus is a global supplier of antimicrobial and health supporting feed additive products for resolving animal performance challenges reducing the need of antibiotics to ensuring safe meat production.

As an animal health company, OlusPlus develops natural plant-based solutions aimed at stimulating a well-balanced and diverse microbiota in the gut, increasing intestinal health and improving feed efficiency. Therefore, OlusPlus produces natural feed additives, offers laboratory services and provides management advice for healthy poultry, pigs and ruminants, resulting in maximum return on investment.

As a 100% family business, we have already 115 years expertise in animal feeds.

Nature and solutions

We are convinced that the power of nature can improve animal health.
Therefore we are committed to improve animal health with natural standardized
products and reducing antibiotic usage. While improving animal health in a
natural way we generating also genuine return on invest.

Management Advice

Research Facility

Labaratory Services


OlusPlus is committed to provide first-class feed additives.

By controlling every step of our production process, we are able to produce high quality products, product safety and traceability of raw materials:

  • Our laboratory, fitted with state-of- the-art equipment, meets the highest standards.
  • An essential part of quality assurance involves testing of all incoming raw materials and outgoing final products.
  • Traceability of the origin of our feed materials means that OlusPlus can guarantee high quality products that make the difference in your business.
  • From sourcing and the manufacture process all the way to delivery to your location.


We continuously strive to improve our in-house quality standards. To ensure quality and food safety, OlusPlus is GMP+ certified.