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OlusPlus believes that the health status of animals is of crucial importance for a sustainable meat production and the farmers financial results. Therefore, focus areas of OlusPlus are microbial control, gut integrity and enzyme activity to improve digestion and feed intake leading to a higher growth performance and good return on investment.

The power of nature
for animal health

Our feed additives consists of mixtures of plant and herbal extracts and essential oils combined with organic acids or glycerides from organic acids, to add value to integrators, feed mills and farmers. All semi-finished products have a beneficial and broad positive effect during the whole digestive tract. The interaction between the different microbiota and the intestinal wall promote a higher health status of the animals.

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OlusPlus is committed to provide first-class feed additives. By controlling every step of our production process, we are able to produce high quality products. Our laboratory, fitted with state- of- the-art equipment, meets the highest standards. An essential part of quality assurance involves testing of all incoming raw materials and outgoing final products. Traceability of the origin of our feed materials means that OlusPlus can guarantee high quality products that make the difference in your business.

Research on animal health

All our products are comprehensively examined and tested in laboratories and at our own trial farms before use. We collaborate with the universities of Utrecht and Wageningen to gain new insights in gut microbial control, and integrate this knowledge in our product innovations.